Added value with sustainability

Aluminium can be recycled any number of times and reused without any loss of quality. Aluminium recycling is economically and ecologically sound, because the energy used for recycling aluminium only makes up about 5% to 10% of the costs of primary aluminium, which is a very important factor at Alu Menziken.

Production from 80% recyclable aluminium

Thanks to our long-standing experience, we can process several thousand tonnes of aluminium scrap annually in our own smelter and turn these scraps into entirely new shapes and alloys. We only use high-quality scraps for this purpose, free from any organic compounds like paints, foils or coatings. The produced alloys therefore meet our high quality demands. Roughly 80% of our production volume consists of recycled aluminium. This share keeps increasing year by year.

For the benefit of our environment

Recycling requires much less energy and interference with the environment than the production of primary raw materials. This especially applies to aluminium. Around 15 kWh/kg are required to produce primary aluminium. Secondary aluminium (scrap metal), on the other hand, only uses up 0.7 kWh/kg in the melting process. This is way we use several thousand kWh less energy annually at our plant and thus reduce CO2 emission.
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Surprisingly versatile – since 1886

With a share of 7.57% by weight, aluminium is the third most frequent element of the earth’s crust besides oxygen and silicon, and thus the most common metal. Aluminium started to be used industrially in 1886. Since then, aluminium recycling has been inseparably linked with the element aluminium itself. Aluminium can be re-melted and recast endlessly for the same purposes without any loss of quality. The total loss in the re-melting process is less than 3%.
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