Counting on durability means relying on aluminium. Our production range for exterior and interior applications includes profiles for façades, windows, heating and air-conditioning technology, elements for sun protection and solar technology as well as components for greenhouses and conservatories. Years of experience and expertise in aluminium processing enable us to create top quality at the best price.

Product Portfolio

  • Façade construction

  • Window and system profiles

  • Solar systems

  • Gate construction

  • Heating and insulation systems

  • Shading systems

Our Value Chain

We know the market

Through long-standing collaboration with many well-known international manufacturers, we understand the market needs very well and are able to react quickly and efficiently to changes.

Our know-how comes into play in various areas such as façade profiles, cover profiles for wooden or plastic windows, systems for solar substructures as well as profiles with high requirements on surfaces.

Know-how in profile production

Selecting the right material as well as skilful processing ensure that the finished profile meets the customer’s requirements. With long-standing experience and technical expertise, we meet the highest requirements in terms of functionality and precision for all products for the construction industry.

We support our customers right from the product development phase and advise them on the best technical and cost-effective implementation of the project.

With our extrusion presses, we can produce wraps from 10 mm to 420 mm and profile weights from 0.1 kg/m to 30 kg/m.

All-round carefree package

From press-finished profiles without further processing to ready-to-install products, all options are open to our customers. Precise high-performance saws and state-of-the-art CNC machining and long-bed centres are used to produce finishes such as milled water slots with accuracies in the 1/100 range.

Packaging based on individual requests can be provided, including customer-specific packaging units or labelled packaging.

We treat surfaces more than just superficially

The right surface finish gives a product a decorative appearance and improves its durability and corrosion resistance.
We specialise in colourless anodising (even for excess lengths up to 13 m), vertical powder coating up to 7.5 m as well as brushed and ground surfaces.
For other coating technologies, we collaborate with long-time customer-approved partners.


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