When it comes to pneumatics, there is hardly any other aluminium specialist who comes close to our competence and know-how in this field. Years of experience in the production of aluminium cylinders with precise inner diameter tolerances and top quality of the inner tube surface make us one of the leading manufacturers for pneumatic applications in the automation industry, in plant engineering, for measuring equipment as well as medical applications.

Product Portfolio

  • Round tubes for pneumatic cylinders (ISO dimensions)   

  • Profiles for pneumatic cylinders, rodless cylinders, electric drives and linear units   

  • Rods for valves (also trimmed)

Our Value Chain

We will gladly advise you

Choosing the right alloy and defining optimum specifications can be instrumental for the success of a project. Together with our customers, we develop perfect solutions for unique challenges and provide support in optimising profile cross-sections.

We treat surfaces more than just superficially


An anodised surface prevents wear and ensures perfect functionality.

Our standardised anodising process is optimally adapted to the requirements of the market. We anodise colourlessly on the inside and outside at a max. coating hardness of HV 420 and a layer thickness of 15–25 μm (with standard anodising). The decorative aspect of the aluminium is retained.

For a particularly high-quality surface, the material can be brushed before anodising upon request.


Narrowest tolerances and smallest roughness are our core strength

Extremely low tolerances and roughness in the cylinder bore hole are the most important characteristics of a high-quality pneumatic profile. Narrow cross-section tolerances, shape and position tolerances as well as bore tolerances up to H11 are no problem for us. We achieve this level of perfection without additional cost-intensive post-processing such as honing. The tolerances are continuously monitored and documented during the manufacturing process. Necessary corrections can be made at any point in the manufacturing process.