The main incentive for the automotive industry is constant weight reduction and further development of technology and materials, such as magnesium alloys. Together with our customers, we have been supporting this trend for years. From aluminium profiles to ready-to-install components, we are the ideal partner with long-standing experience and technical expertise for automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Our Value Chain

We know the market

Through our partnership with many well-known international manufacturers, we understand the market needs very well and are able to react quickly and efficiently to changes.
We apply our know-how to very complex components and assemblies such as crash management systems, battery systems, vehicle structural components, lightweight seat structures as well as vibration and noise dampers. Our experience and aluminium manufacturing know-how is reflected in our customer-oriented development competence from prototypes to series production.

The right material used correctly

With customer-specific alloys from our speciality foundry, we respond precisely to individual requirements. They include the high-strength 6xxx alloys. In addition to high strength, these alloys feature very high ductility and minimal intercrystalline corrosion. Alu Menziken’s developments benefit the automotive industry in the lightweight construction sector and in the electromobility of the future. Our tailor-made materials can be easily processed through all necessary process steps.

Potentials in lightweight construction – Successful processing of magnesium alloys

‘Light, lighter, lightest’ is the motto in the automotive and aerospace industries. The current development in these industries leads to an ever increasing demand for lightweight materials.

Using a magnesium alloy certified for aviation, the project team produced thin-walled hollow profiles for applications in the interior of aircraft cabins

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Know-how in profile production

Just as important as the selection of the right material, skilful processing also ensures that the finished profile meets the customer’s requirements. With long-standing experience and technical expertise, we meet the highest requirements in terms of functionality and precision for structural components, crash management products and visible parts.

From semi-finished product to assembly – One-Stop Shop Alu Menziken

Thanks to our complete value chain, we are a true one-stop shop. No matter what type of processing you need for the semi-finished product, we have the machines, the know-how and/or the right partners to handle the next steps. You benefit from our modern production so you can obtain your ‘lean’ product from a single source.


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