Sawing and deburring​

Precise high-performance sawing machines ensure the right length of your profile. We use automatic and manual short and long part saws up to 5 m, double mitre saws, systems with integrated deburring, fully automatic removal and packaging.

Sawing length: >10 mm to 3,000 mm
Sawing tolerance: up to +/- 0.1 mm
Cutting quality: N9

CNC machining​

State-of-the-art CNC machining and long-bed centres enable machining of complex milling geometries. We use horizontal and vertical milling machines with integrated swivel heads that also enable milling on both sides of the piece. The necessary configurations are developed individually in collaboration with long-term partners to meet the respective component requirements.

The result is customised high-precision products with the narrowest tolerances. The partial use of fully automated lines not only ensures fast and efficient processes with high technical precision, but also that production is extremely cost-effective.
Depending on the requirements and for larger quantities, customised automated lines are also used.

Systems: 3-, 4- and 5-axis
Machining: Short and long parts up to 6 m
Max. movement path: 5,000 x 2,000 x 1,000 mm
Tolerance: +/- 0.01 mm

Surface treatment​

The correct surface treatment gives a product the perfect finishing touch – whether for reasons of aesthetics or functionality. We specialise in colourless anodising – even for excess lengths up to 13 m –, vertical powder coating up to 7.5 m and brushing. We always ensure compliance with all statutory environmental protection requirements.


  • Exterior and interior
  • Internal anodising of the functional surface of pneumatic tubes
  • Hard surfaces up to 500 HV
  • EV1E6/Nature
  • Oxide layer up to 25 µm
  • Anodising bath for excess lengths up to 13 m

Powder coating

  • Electrostatic coating process
  • Vertical suspension
  • Almost all RAL/NCS colours
  • Profile lengths up to 7.5 m


  • Profile length 800–9,000 mm
  • Largest cross-section 200 x 220 mm
  • Smallest cross-section 10 x 10 mm

Surface treatment with external partners

For additional coating technologies such as painting, cathodic dip painting or alodines, we collaborate with long-term customer-approved partners.

Transforming and deforming

Highly experienced employees ensure precise shaping of the most diverse profile cross-sections. Whether you need 3D, stretch or die bending, we define the most technically and economically viable technology for the respective application in an early phase of feasibility testing.
Our stretch-bending lines utilise an integrated sawing unit. Both thin- and thick-walled profiles as well as solid profiles up to a length of 2.5 m can be bent. We can produce complex angles with 3D bending machines. Our mechanical and hydraulic die bending machines make bending and squeezing processes as well as punching possible.

Welding technology​

We always rely on innovative joining processes in the rapidly growing production of assemblies. At Alu Menziken, we have various options for manual welding as well as automated welding processes. The latter enable processing of components up to 2.2 m in size. With jigless welding, no clamping device is necessary, which makes it feasible for highly flexible, fully synchronous welding processes in the smallest working space.

Inert gas welding involves the techniques MIG (metal inert gas), TIG (tungsten inert gas) and CMT (cold metal transfer). The MIG and TIG processes offer the advantage that even inaccessible areas and very thin spots can be processed. The lower heat input of the CMT process enables low-distortion processing of the component.

Laser hybrid welding by Fronius is a groundbreaking process that enables production of large-area components with high quality and short production times. This system enables low-distortion welding of very flat, wide parts with narrow tolerances, while achieving optimum welding quality. One application area is battery trays in the electromobility sector, where the narrowest tolerances are required in terms of flatness.

Heat treatment​

We ensure high-quality products by always applying the right treatment process (with heat treatment furnaces, artificial ageing or solution annealing using air or water) to improve corrosion resistance and strength (e.g. after welding processes); this also applies to a variety of material combinations.

Parts cleaning

The requirements for cleanliness of material surfaces are constantly increasing. A stable cleaning, testing and packaging process is a prerequisite for guaranteeing flawless continuation of the customer’s downstream processes.
Together with our customers, we define standards with regard to residual dirt requirements for maximum particle sizes. We offer all common washing processes with our own equipment, including special applications for cleanliness requirements in the field of e-mobility. For all other surface applications, such as alodines, we work with long-term partners approved by our customers.


From riveting and gluing to screwing and press-fitting parts, we assemble aluminium parts to semi-finished products or even to ready-to-install assemblies according to customer specifications within the shortest delivery and lead time. We offer assembly work for complex components up to safeguarding solutions for prototypes, pre-series as well as series products.