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Alu Menziken is your technological partner for high-quality extrusion press products and complex assemblies that meet the highest standards in terms of alloy properties, tolerances and surfaces. With comprehensive engineering proficiency and customer-oriented add-on services, we bring out the best in aluminium.

At the cutting edge of technology

Thanks to our ability to adapt new technologies, we are always at the cutting edge of process engineering. This know-how is continuously expanded and strengthens our innovative resourcefulness.

Comprehensive expertise

Our in-house segment specialists with comprehensive expertise and substantiated market knowledge support you in the realisation of your products. We will gladly work out highly cost-effective, customised solutions with you.

Experts in Aluminium

Alu Menziken operates one of the most modern aluminium extrusion press lines in Europe, offering the desired flexibility and consistently high quality in the extrusion of high-grade and complex profiles and tubes. Precise high-performance saws and modern CNC machinery enable efficient processing of the semi-finished product. A wide range of surface treatment options increase the value retention of the lightweight components or give them an attractive, refined appearance. State-of-the-art welding and joining technologies are used to create sophisticated assemblies and components.


In 1807, the Englishman Sir Humphry Davy melts iron with alumina (clay) and obtains an iron-aluminium alloy. For a fraction of a second before it fuses with the iron, aluminium is released as a metal for the first time. The foundation for the development of our products is laid. Today, we are taking you back to the most important milestones in a company history spanning more than 120 years:

The beginning

Alfred Gautschi, born in Menziken in 1871 († 1955), lays the foundation for Alu Menziken in Fleurier at the age of 26. The skilled mechanic’s experiments with the new material aluminium quickly make him one of the pioneers of the Swiss aluminium industry.

The first production

Gautschi produces the first aluminium pulleys for the watch industry. He receives more and more orders from the automotive industry for engine casings, which leads to the expansion of the foundry.

The expansion continues

In addition to a new foundry, Gautschi sets up an experimental rolling mill for the production of aluminium foils.

Patent application for the rolling technology used for the production of aluminium foils. The production of aluminium products is diversified and expanded. In addition to rolled products, kitchen products are now also being manufactured.

Relocation to the new plant in Menziken. The strong order situation prompts company founder Gautschi to double employees’ salaries and set up an employee disability fund.

The company’s output has increased more than tenfold since the construction of the rolling mill in Menziken.

With the acquisition of the first vertical extrusion press with a pressing force of 350 tonnes, the company lays the foundation for a successful future as an internationally recognised extrusion plant.

Aluminium AG Menziken

The company is renamed ‘Aluminium AG Menziken’ and starts producing profiles for house construction.

Commissioning of the 2,500-tonne extrusion press in Menziken, one of the most modern in the world at that time.

The company supplies profiles for the aerospace industry for the first time.

Start of construction of the new company headquarters in Menziken, which is inaugurated in 1962.

Expansion and restructuring

In Reinacher Moos, the company builds a new extrusion plant with a total area of 3,800 m² and a full basement.

Expansion of the extrusion plant in Reinach to accommodate a paint shop, polishing shop and a fully automated anodising plant.

By the end of the year, Alu Menziken Group employs 966 people.

Alu Menziken Group gains a foothold in the USA.

Alu Menziken Group takes over the American hard alloy extrusion plant Universal Alloy Corporation (UAC) in Anaheim, CA. UAC mainly supplied aircraft factories with high-strength semi-finished aluminium products.

The US trading company Intercontinental Metals (IME) in Miami, Florida, joins the Alu Menziken Group. IME trades in aluminium rolled products for the aircraft industry. Alu Menziken Group acquires Afag AG with branches in Huttwil, Aarberg and Berlin (Germany).

Alu Menziken Guss AG in Gontenschwil casts the world’s heaviest aluminium casting, weighing 7.3 tonnes. The momentous achievement is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Commissioning of the new 3,500-tonne extrusion line, the most modern plant of its kind in the world.

Alu Menziken Extrusion AG

Alu Menziken Industrie AG is renamed Alu Menziken Extrusion AG.

Today’s Alu Menziken Group is created

Montana Tech Components AG takes over the Alu Menziken Group.

Disposal of Universal Alloy Corp. (UAC), USA, to the Montana Group.

Alu Menziken commissions a new 1,600 tonne press in record time and integrates it into the unmanned logistics system.

Construction of a new foundry in Reinach (CH)

Acquisition of Euromotive in Austria

Acquisition of Universal Aerospace Components AG

Opening of the new foundry and extrusion plant with approx. 250 jobs in Satu Mare, Romania. The state-of-the-art plant features an aluminium billet casthouse and two extrusion presses.